ESIS AGM & Town Hall Presentation

Snowbirds have returned to their East shore nests and seasonal businesses are open! Things are also getting busy at ESIS. Our new unlimited data service is HOT with more and more household subscribers choosing no data limits.

With the recent overloads on Kootenay Lake ferry service, our Ferry Cam has proven to be an invaluable tool to help make decisions around ferry travel. ESIS is happy to provide and maintain this useful service, and provide a view on our website at:

ESIS is hosting two community events in early June: our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be Monday evening June 11th, 7pm at the Crawford Bay Hall. At the AGM, members can be informed about the activities of the last year, and most importantly, have an opportunity to join the ESIS board as a director. Three current ESIS directors are stepping down this year, and we are looking forward to a year of positive changes and new project planning, which will need some new energy!

With that in mind, ESIS is hosting a Town Hall presentation on Wed. June 6th, 6pm – 8pm at the Crawford Bay School. The presentation is about the future of internet for our communities, and will feature guest speakers from Kaslo’s infoNet Society who will share their experience developing a community-based high-speed fiber optic network, and why it’s so important for communities like ours to be able to develop and thrive in this way. If you’re interested in being a part of building the future, or just want to know what’s happening,  we strongly encourage you to come to the Town Hall and AGM.

See you then and have a great Summer!

Warmly, the ESIS board and staff.

ESIS Presents.. Unlimited Data!

We are thrilled to announce that beginning April 1st, ESIS will be rolling-out a new service add-on: Unlimited Data! The cost will be $25 per month in addition to whichever ESIS package you may choose. Don’t worry about data overage charges a moment longer! Binge-watch that series without a care!

For more information and to add Unlimited Data, please call ESIS at 1-844-776-3747 (PRO-ESIS), and press 3 for billing.

Our 2018 Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Monday June 11th, 7pm at the Crawford Bay Hall. ESIS is looking for new board members, community members who are eager to participate in the ongoing growth and development of this crucial community enterprise. If you’re interested in becoming an ESIS director, please email

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Columbia Basin Trust for awarding ESIS a technology upgrade grant which has allowed us to purchase new equipment, such as rugged notebooks and server upgrades, in order to serve our subscribers better. Thank You CBT!

Wishing all of our subscribers and East Shore residents a lovely Spring!

All the best from the ESIS board and staff.

ESIS Autumn Update

Welcome to Autumn in all its glory! This is one of the best times of the year to really dig into projects. ESIS’ work on the Connecting Canadians project continues apace with a focus this month on completing the Kokanee Springs tower installation. The structure is nearly complete and the next phase of mounting Access Point equipment on the tower is beginning as of this writing! November will bring connectivity upgrades to many subscribers in Crawford Bay. Much Gratitude to Mike Jeffery, Garth Norris, Alex Lackovic and friends for their volunteer efforts and expertise in tower building.

ESIS Customer Support has become aware of some phony tech support scammers targeting East Shore residents with telephone calls claiming that your IP address has been copied, or similarly your computer has been identified as compromised, and for a fee these scoundrels will clear-up that problem for you. In fact, if you give access to your computer to one of these callers, it’s quite likely they will install malware rather than remove it, and sometime in the future your computer might pop-up an alert saying once again to call them (and pay them) to solve the problem which they created.

If you receive a call similar to this, do not allow access to your computer or arrange to pay money. If you’re not sure what to do, you can call ESIS Customer Support toll-free at 1-844-776-3747 (PRO-ESIS), then press 1. All voicemail messages will be responded to. You can also contact us by email at

Tech-savvy readers may have heard of a recently-detected vulnerability in WiFi enryption, called the KRACK vulnerabillity. This exploits implementation flaws in the WPA2 security protocol used by most WiFi routers. It is a serious issue globally, however the threat level to ESIS subscribers is quite limited.

It is an excellent idea to keep your router’s firmware up-to-date, and router vendors are updating their products’ firmware to deal with this issue now. If you have an older router, consider upgrading! In some cases you may notice performance improvements immediately. ESIS stocks new routers from $60 for increased range 802.11n, to $90 for for dual-band 802.11AC. Our technicians can configure it for you and make sure everything works correctly with the ESIS equipment.

The East Shore Internet Society Board and Staff


As the summer starts to settle on the East Shore, ESIS is happy to report that everything is running smoothly. We have been getting quite a few new installs, which has kept the field staff busy. The field techs. have also kept up with improvements to the network. There is a new tower at Queens Bay which will give better service to the east shore of Kootenay Lake. Matt has been busy upgrading the servers for better efficiency and back- up improvements. The fibre drop at Blue Point is up and running and several new radios have been installed on the tower there. These new radios and the fibre drop will give excellent coverage, in both speed and data available, to the Boswell and Sanca areas. ESIS is now able to supply good reliable high speed internet to most people from Sanca Creek to north of Riondel on the East Shore as well as from Woodbury to Proctor on the West shore. There are plans to put up a 100 Ft. tower at Kokanee Springs Golf Resort this summer. The tower and related hardware should be arriving near the end of June thanks to Gord Jeffery for hauling from Calgary.

ESIS is your society, run for your behalf by the staff and Board of Director.

Thank you for your support.

2017 ESIS Annual General Meeting: A Year in Review

On Tuesday May 23rd, the East Shore Internet Society held its Annual General Meeting.  A special thank you to the 30 plus members who attended!  For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a summary of what you missed:

A Year in Review

Garth Norris walked us through the last year, highlighting upgrades to the Blue Point access with a new fiber building, a tower rescue course ESIS’ support team participated in, the generous grant of a truck by Simon Hann from Pilot Bay, a review of promises the Board made and followed through with from last year’s AGM, as well as a look at the package upgrades made throughout the year. Overall, a very good operational year with many successes thanks to many people’s involvement and commitment.  Garth also took the opportunity to explain why the Board needed to raise the away rate back to $20/month, how the away rate caps at $100, clarified issues surrounding membership in the society and confirmed the Board is actively taking steps towards complying with the New Societies Act.

ESIS Treasurer Brian Philp shared 2016 financial statements, demonstrating how ESIS is currently managing the Connecting Canadians Project funds and how it is maintaining its financial health. With an overall net increase in its subscriber base, income was up from previous years.  To the question “How are we doing?” he responded: “ESIS has money in the bank and doing well.”  Good news!

Connecting Canadians Project

Board President Fraser Robb reviewed the high-level 3-year project plan and emphasised the success that most subscribers have now been upgraded to new equipment.  In the coming year, phase 3 of the project will see new towers as well as upgrades to some existing towers, bringing completion to the project, potentially ahead of schedule, by December 2017.  Exciting news was shared that thanks for its expansion, ESIS has established a new client-base in Woodbury and looking to do the same in Procter.  The increase in subscribers will help sustain ESIS with additional revenue.  Fraser confirmed that the project is a success as a result of the work of many, with special thanks to ESIS staff’s initiative and dedication as well as the many hours invested by the Board and members of the local community.


The members thanked outgoing Board Members Mel Gale, Brian Philp and Dan Séguin for their work over the past year and a half.  Elections welcomed two new Board Members Dave Blair and Ivy Jeffery who will each serve a two-year term.  Directors rolling over from the last Board will serve a one-year term.  The staggered terms are a result of a newly accepted resolution now in place to ensure institutional memory and a higher degree of Board continuity.  As a result of this year’s elections, the ESIS Board is now: Richard Bertram, Dave Blair, Ivy Jeffery, Garth Norris, Fraser Robb, and Rose Strom

The AGM was an evening to come together to celebrate this year’s accomplishments and look to ESIS’ bright future.  It’s also a time of year when we are reminded that ESIS is our society – it is only as healthy as the community that chooses to directly support it.  It only continues thanks to the tireless efforts of those who choose to roll up their sleeves and help out.  So, for those who like fast and reliable internet, please reach out to the new Board and ask “how can I help?”  There are opportunities for folks of all ages and skill-sets.  Get involved!

For more information, you can review the documents below or get in touch with the Board at

Happy summer!
Your East Shore Internet Society Board & Staff