The Return of Away

Back by Popular Demand, the Away package means that seasonal residents can can again put their service to sleep while away.

The Details:

  • The Away rate is $20 per month
  • The maximum payable while away is capped at $100
  • The minimum is $40 (two months away)
  • Service activation during brief visits means paying the full package rate for that month (ie: $25 for Lite, $50 for Bronze, etc.)
  • Subscribers away more than 12 months will be contacted for equipment collection

Important Reminders – February 2016

Know What You’re Downloading

Do you like to download movies or software from the Internet using torrents? Make sure you’re not downloading materials that might infringe on copyright laws.

The Copyright Modernization Act, which took effect Jan.1 2016, requires Internet service providers to send notifications to downloaders whose IP addresses have been identified by copyright holders for perceived violations. The legislation limits the amount a non-commercial downloader can be sued for to $5,000 per case, while damages for commercial infringements can be charged up to $20,000. Know that your private information isn’t disclosed. There’s no lawsuit, there’s no content being taken down, it’s purely a notification.

ESIS has just begun receiving these notices from our service provider, which we are now passing on to culpable end users. This note is a reminder that based on the Society’s Acceptable Use Policy, know that you aren’t allowed to “download, post or transmit any information, software, photograph, video, graphic, music, sound and other material in violation of another person’s copyright” and it’s purely your decision should you choose to ignore this policy.

Please note that subscribers of Netflix, Shomi, Crave and other online streaming platforms all comply with copyright laws. It’s mostly those who download Torrents or use IP blockers who can be at fault (and you know who you are…).

Going Away? Pause Your Account.

A reminder that we provide subscribers who are away for at least 30 days the option of suspending their service.  A $5/month account fee will be applied during the suspension period. 

For more information visit:

General Service Outages & Communications

During widespread service outages, ESIS Support Staff will add an outgoing phone message on our answering system, website and facebook to acknowledge we are working on solving the problem.

Should you experience a service outage, please phone our support line (1-844-776-3747) to speak to Staff or to leave us a message. In the event that the outage is widespread, we will focus energy and time on fixing the problem, therefore please note that we will not be able to personally phone back all those who’ve left us messages.

Update Our Contract Information

For most up-to-date information, keep visiting our new website and for technical/billing support, please call 1 (844) 776-3747.


Holidays Greetings – Looking forward to 2016

Greetings and Happy New Year from the ESIS board, committees and all the support staff.

In October this board was given a large task, to implement the Connecting Canadians Project. We started with a to-do-list which included converting all contract workers to employee positions to comply with the Canada Revenue Agency, implementing a new customer support call system, securing land owner tower contracts, finding a dedicated ESIS office space, establishing back up power supplies to critical isolated tower, changing over bookkeeping system to our own Quick Books financial system, reviewing packages and overage and preparing a project plan for the Connecting Canadians grant. We are working our way through the list. This is all in addition to routine maintenance and support of an existing complex system.

The review of packages and overage charges should be complete by mid January. We will have a better balance of package options to suit subscriber usage needs. ESIS has hired Jan Ricker to be our bookkeeper and we’re working through some background system issues so please bear with us.

Now we’re into some serious planning in preparation for the formal Connecting Canadians project kick-off. The new project will be implemented over a two and a half year period and will include installing new radios, upgrading the server and expanding the network. The years 2016 and 2017 will bring improvements of faster speed, more bandwidth and a more reliable network. These improvements won’t happen overnight but they are on the way.

Work to date has required a significant amount of our time. We ask for your continuing patience and understanding in your expectations of what the board is trying to accomplish as we juggle ESIS with family, work and other volunteerism.

Best wishes to everyone in the new year.

The East Shore Internet Society Board