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For answers to common questions and solutions to common technical support issues please check our Support FAQ.

For technical support, please phone 1 (844) 776-3747, or email

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Our phone system allows your call to be answered by office staff available at that time.  If no one answers your call, your voicemail is automatically transcribed and a support ticket is created. The appropriate team members are notified (tech support, new service or billing inquiry), and the next available technician or administrator can respond.

Our technicians are sometimes on a service call or installation up the lake, where there is no cellular coverage.  If you have to leave a message you will be called back as soon as we can.

In cases where we are having a system outage or a problem affecting multiple clients, status updates will be posted to the network status message which plays if a caller doesn’t select an option for a minute. Affected clients will not necessarily get return calls immediately in that case, due to the volume of messages received.