Get Connected!

Contact ESIS tech support, to schedule an installation or site survey.  Call us at 1 (844) 776-3747 or email

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** Equipment Rental Fee: Includes $15.00 monthly equipment rental fee.
** Overages & Extra Data: 
Additional charges of $1.50/GB apply for any usage over the monthly bandwidth limit.

*** Static IP and/or Domain Name Setup: Additional $30 fee applies for implementing static IP address and/or domain name registration.
**** Line of sight: Requires a clear-line-of sight connection between subscriber and tower site — no trees or other obstacles


Typical installations cost $150, which covers materials and installer’s time.

Our service relies heavily on a clear line of sight to our distribution towers. Your installer can determine the best setup for you during a site survey. Some extraordinary installations require an extra mast, very long cable , or interior cable runs (our typical cable run takes place on the building exterior), etc..  In such cases, additional charges may apply. Extra charges would be cleared with you prior to the work being done.

Installation includes configuring your computer or router for use on the ESIS network so that you’re up and surfing before we leave. This includes setting up your default ESIS e-mail account, which becomes your system user name password for self administration and account status lookup. It does not include any computer servicing or repair that may be required to get it online, though the installer often can offer that service additionally for a fee. It is recommended that you run complete anti-virus and anti-spyware scans with up to date software on your computer prior to installation. Also, if you require a network card or would like a wireless router the installer may carry these parts for sale.