DRAFT Billing & Payments

For billing or payment support, please phone 1 (844) 776-3747, or email billing@eastshoreinternet.ca

How to Make Payments

The ESIS office is located at Suite 10 –16210 Hwy 3A. If you are dropping off a payment and the ESIS billing staff are not present, you can slide an envelope under the office door with your cheque or cash enclosed.  Make sure that your name and account number are on the envelope!

1.  Credit Card Payment

To make a Credit Card payment on-line you can use our credit card payment page….

2.  Online Banking Payment

You can pay with online banking at….

To set up online payments, add a new Payee East Shore Internet Society and enter your account number when prompted.

3.  Payment by Cheque

If you choose to pay by cheque, be sure to drop off or mail your cheque in advance of the due date to avoid processing delays.  Make sure that your account number is on the cheque!

You can also mail your cheque to East Shore Internet Society, P.O. Box 145, Crawford Bay, BC, V0B 1E0.

4. Payment by Cash

If you choose to pay by cash, deliver an envelope with your name and account number written on it to our billing staff in the ESIS office. If nobody is there, slide the envelope under the office door. Make sure that your name and account number are on the envelope!

Additional Information on Billing:

You may pay in advance on a quarterly or yearly basis. No discounts are available as yet for prepayment.  For additional information on billing, refer to the Billing section of our Terms of Service.