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ESIS in Spring: Faster Speeds, More Data, AGM Date and Board Nominations

Posted March 27, 2017

Tuesday May 23rd, 7:00 – 9:00pm
Crawford Bay HallThe whole community is invited and each subscriber-account
in good standing will have a vote.

After a long, long winter, spring has finally sprung!  Spring is often seen as a time for renewal, growth, and expansion; we feel it in the air.  At ESIS, the season comes with exciting news for all its subscribers – enough of the Connecting Canadians network upgrades are in place that we can now offer all subscribers speeds of 5Mbps.  And what’s more speed if you don’t have more data, therefore we’ve increased data packages as well.  The great news?  This all comes at no extra cost to subscribers!

Faster with More Data: Newly Revised Packages
Effective April 1st, all ESIS packages will receive significant upgrades at no extra cost.  We are pleased to announce that all subscribers will receive an increase in speed and data, regardless of their package.  One caveat is that although ESIS will do its best effort to achieve the posted speeds, in some instances subscriber geographical location may prevent maximum speeds from being realized.

Package Cost/Month NEW Speeds NEW Monthly Data
Bronze            $50 + Tax 5Mbps down / 1.5Mbps up 100 GB
Copper             $70 + Tax 6Mbps / 2Mbps up 150 GB
Silver                $90 + Tax 8Mbps / 2.5Mbps up 300 GB
Gold                $110 + Tax 12Mbps / 3Mbps up 400 GB
Platinum           $155 + Tax 15Mbps / 3Mbps up 600 GB
High Volume
Call for Pricing 15Mbps / 3Mbps up 600+ GB

New Less Expensive Installation Charge
As way to entice new customers to join or rejoin ESIS, we are reducing the cost for a new installation from $150 to $100. Of course, we live in challenging geographies therefore some extraordinary installations may require an extra mast, additional networking equipment, very long cable, or interior cabling.  In such cases, additional charges may apply. These charges are always confirmed with new subscribers prior to the work being done. So, if you know folks who aren’t with ESIS, make sure they know about this new info!

Update to Away Rate
Although in many areas our financial review allowed us to increase packages and reduce installation cost, we determined the we needed to increase the “Away Rate” from $5/month to $20/month.  This shift is in support of ESIS’ long-term financial viability and in line with what other internet providers offer.  This new rate will become effective next time a subscriber begins a new “away period”.  Subscribers currently on an “away period” will remain at the $5/month rate until they restart their service.

Board Nominations
The ESIS Board is seeking an “expression of interest” from those who might be interested in joining the ESIS Board of Directors.  This is an Operational Board, meaning directors are responsible for organizational governance as well as some operational tasks.  We are seeking a commitment that requires monthly meetings as well as some work in-between.

As the society seeks to maximize both skills and geographical diversity of its Board members, our current Board needs include expertise in: Internet Technologies & Networking, Finances, Engineering, Marketing & Communications, Project Management, and Human Resources.  We welcome potential Board members from all geographies served by ESIS, such as: Crawford Bay, Gray Creek, Riondel Rd, Kootenay/Pilot Bay, Boswell, etc.

If you are interested, please submit your expression of interest to the Board before May 10th (board@eastshoreinternet.ca). Please include brief synopsis of skills you bring to the table, where you live, your availability throughout the year, and any other information you think would be helpful for the nominating committee.  And if you think someone you know might be a good fit, please suggest they submit an expression of interest (do not submit someone else’s name for nomination!). The Board will act as nomination committee by vetting expressions of interest to maximize diversity and needed skills, and then presenting the nominees as a slate for voting at the AGM on Tuesday May 23rd.
As always, we thank all those who support the East Shore Internet Society as subscribers, volunteers, staff and community members.  It’s only with your ongoing encouragement that the society, your society, can continue to thrive.

Happy Spring!
Your East Shore Internet Society Board & Staff