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– October news

As promised at this year’s Annual General Meeting, ESIS Board and Staff have just completed a review of packages rates, equipment rental rates, bandwidth caps and overage rates. We are happy to share with you that there is something for everyone!

In its review, the Board’s goal was to balance subscriber requests to lower costs + increase bandwidth along with the necessary cash flow to keep ESIS sustainable + maintain a speed quality across the network.

Effective October 1, 2016 the following changes will take effect:

Package New Cost/Month Monthly Bandwidth
Bronze            $50 + Tax 40 GB
Copper             $70 + Tax 55 GB
Silver                $90 + Tax 80 GB
Gold                $110 + Tax 105 GB
Platinum           $155 + Tax 155 GB
High Volume Platinum Call for Pricing Negotiable

In addition to a reduction in monthly package cost and an increase to monthly bandwidth, subscribers will now be billed $1.00/GB for any usage over the monthly bandwidth limit, down from $1,50. This change will be in effect with our billing of the October overages, which occurs on November 1st.

Subscriber accounts will be automatically updated to the new rates, no action is required on your behalf. Just surf and enjoy!

In other news

Work through the Connect Canadians project continues as our Technicians continue to upgrade hardware across the network. Work is on schedule and on budget. Soon we will begin the process of winterizing the network, making sure our backup power supplies are in good working order as well as access to remote sites is prepared for winter.


Your East Shore Internet Society Board