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2016 ESIS Annual General Meeting – Thank you for your support!

On Tuesday June 14th, the East Shore Internet Society held its Annual General Meeting. A special thank you to the almost 80 members who attended! For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a summary of what you missed:

A Year in Review

Garth Norris walked us through the last year, highlighting shifts in governance and operations, financial platform reviews, packages reviews, refinement of communication process with members (new website at www.eastshoreinternet.ca, new facebook page, and monthly newsletters), new support / billing phone system (RingCentral), and the general trials and tribulations of running a small rural internet service provider including hauling propane into remote tower locations!

ESIS Treasurer Brian Philp shared 2014 and 2015 financial statements, demonstrating how ESIS is currently managing the Connecting Canadians Project funds and how it is maintaining its financial health. To the question “How are we doing?” he responded: “ESIS is doing well.” Good news!

Connecting Canadians Project

Since the beginning of this year, equipment replacements have been taking place at the Network Operations Centre as well as on member sites. By 2018, the network capacity building and expansion project aims to give all ESIS members a 5MB download speed. But until network backbone upgrades are completed in the coming year, individuals won’t necessarily experience faster speeds. However, “The project is well underway.” said Neil Myers, project manager.

Packages Explained

The Board made a short presentation to explain how it reviewed and priced its current packages. A comparison between ESIS and Kalso Internet/Columbia Wireless/Red Mountain/Telus was shared, highlighting that (other than Telus) ESIS is currently offering one of the lowest per gigabyte rates amongst service providers.

Click here for a detailed explanation (PDF Format)

Investor Packages

In order to balance out its cash flow, ESIS will stop offering its investor packages. For those currently on the investor packages where you were paying 11 months upfront and receiving 12 months of service, when your yearly payment comes due if you wish to continue paying by the year you will be charged for 12 months. And as ESIS upgrades radios for the Connecting Canadians Project, those on the Investor rate will see an increase of $15 to their bill. Last week, investor package subscribers should have received an email outlining the details and timing of these changes. If you think you should have received this email and didn’t, please let our Billing department know: billing@eastshoreinternet.ca. As part of this overall shift, ESIS will continue to review package rate every 4 months, with a hope to see cash flow increase, which could allow lower package rates for everybody.


Having experienced success working together and having the right mix of needed skills, the Board was motived to continue on for one more term. Members present at the AGM showed their support by passing a motion to (re)elect the entire Board for a one-year term. As a result, the current ESIS Board continues to be: Mel Gale, Fraser Robb, Brian Philp, Richard Bertram, Garth Norris, Rosie Strom and Dan Séguin.

The AGM was smooth and confirming of the direction ESIS is currently heading in. But we couldn’t do it alone – the Board would like to thank ESIS Staff for all its hard work, folks involved in committees or other volunteer capacities, the previous Boards for their volunteer dedication, and Bob Carter for all his efforts in past years. It’s only as a harmonious community can we keep this thing afloat!

Happy summer!

The East Shore Internet Society Board


CLICK HERE to download the AGM PowerPoint presentations (PDF Format)