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Everything listed here is clean and tested, however no warranty is stated nor implied.

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Repackaged Ubiquiti Networks PBE-M5-400  &
PBE-M2-400 PowerBeams

These are lightly-used PowerBeam M5 & M2 feedhorns repackaged with dish & mounting hardware from PBE-5AC-Gen2 & PEB-2AC-Gen2 PowerBeams. The newer mounting hardware is more robust. Comes with 24V 0.5A power supply.

[PDF] PowerBeam Datasheet – Ubiquiti Networks

30+ M5 units available (as of December 2018).

10+ M2 units available (as of December 2018).

Ubiquiti Networks NanoBridge M5 (NBM5-22)

Used NanoBridge M5 units with 22 dBi dish

[PDF] NanoBridge M5 Datasheet – Ubiquiti Networks

6 units available (November 2018)

Ubiquiti Networks NanoBridge M900 (NBM9)

Used & NIB available, 10+ units (December 2018)

[PDF] NanoBridge M900 Datasheet – Ubiquiti Networks