As the summer starts to settle on the East Shore, ESIS is happy to report that everything is running smoothly. We have been getting quite a few new installs, which has kept the field staff busy. The field techs. have also kept up with improvements to the network. There is a new tower at Queens Bay which will give better service to the east shore of Kootenay Lake. Matt has been busy upgrading the servers for better efficiency and back- up improvements. The fibre drop at Blue Point is up and running and several new radios have been installed on the tower there. These new radios and the fibre drop will give excellent coverage, in both speed and data available, to the Boswell and Sanca areas. ESIS is now able to supply good reliable high speed internet to most people from Sanca Creek to north of Riondel on the East Shore as well as from Woodbury to Proctor on the West shore. There are plans to put up a 100 Ft. tower at Kokanee Springs Golf Resort this summer. The tower and related hardware should be arriving near the end of June thanks to Gord Jeffery for hauling from Calgary.

ESIS is your society, run for your behalf by the staff and Board of Director.

Thank you for your support.