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Speed up to: 5Mbps down / 1.5Mbps up
Monthly Bandwidth: 100 GB**
Speed up to: 6Mbps down / 2Mbps up
Monthly Bandwidth: 150 GB**
Speed up to: 8Mbps down / 2.5Mbps up
Monthly Bandwidth: 300 GB**
Speed up to: 12Mbps down / 3Mbps up
Monthly Bandwidth: 400 GB**

Speed: 15Mbps down / 3Mbps up
Monthly Bandwidth: 600 GB**
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Speed: 15+Mbps down / 3Mbps up
Monthly Bandwidth: 600+ GB**

Best Effort Speeds: ESIS will do its best effort to achieve the posted speeds, however in some instances subscriber geographical location and network loading may prevent maximum speeds from being realized.
* Equipment Rental Fee: 
Includes $10.00 monthly equipment rental fee.
** Overages & Extra Data: 
Additional charges of $1.00/GB apply for any usage over the monthly bandwidth limit.

*** Static IP: Add a static IP to any package.  $30 setup fee.
**** Line-of-Sight: In order to receive advertised speed, this package requires a clear line-of-sight connection between subscriber and tower site — no trees or other obstacles.

NEW Installation

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Typical installations cost $100 (price effective April 1st, 2017), which covers materials and installer’s time.

Our service relies heavily on a clear line of sight to our distribution towers. Your installer can determine the best setup for you during a site survey. Some extraordinary installations require an extra mast, very long cable, or interior cable runs (our typical cable run takes place on the building exterior), etc..  In such cases, additional charges may apply. Extra charges would be cleared with you prior to the work being done.

Installation includes configuring your computer or router for use on the ESIS network so that you’re up and surfing before we leave. It does not include any computer servicing or repair that may be required to get it online, though the installer often can offer that service additionally for a fee. It is recommended that you run complete anti-virus and anti-spyware scans with up to date software on your computer prior to installation. Also, if you require a network card or would like a wireless router the installer may carry these parts for sale.

If you do not have your own wireless router, ESIS has two types of routers for sale: $60.00 for the smaller and $90.00 for the larger variety. You will need to pay for the router at the time of your installation or before. Please note that once installed and working, you are responsible for the routers ongoing maintenance.

As a new subscriber, costs will include:

Payable prior to installation:

  • Installation costs ($100 for a typical installation)
  • Membership ($10)
  • One month *security deposit at your package rate (e.g. if you choose the Bronze package, your security deposit will be $50)

Here’s an example of a pre-install invoice for first-time Bronze Package subscriber:

$100 Installation cost
$10 Membership fee
$50 Security deposit
$18.00 Taxes
$178.00 TOTAL

* Security deposit: Held on an account until you choose to cancel your ESIS subscription.   The deposit will only be used to clear outstanding bills IF there are outstanding amounts on your account.  If your account is in good standing and has no outstanding charges, your deposit is refunded at the time of cancellation.

First Monthly Invoice:

  • First month of your package rate (prorated to day of install)
  • Related taxes

Here’s an example invoice for first-time Bronze Package subscriber:

$50 First month of your package rate (or less because this number is prorated for the first month depending on the date of hook up)
$6.00 Taxes
$56.00 TOTAL